Free Economic Zone


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Customs Regime


1. Within free zones territory the customs regime is provided by the customs service whose activity is coordinated, in terms of organizational aspect, with the free zone Administration.

2. Within free zone territory there shall be put into place the regime of compulsory customs declaration of goods (services) entered on and exported from this territory.

3. The entry of local goods for non-commercial reasons, with a value less than 500 Euro, is authorized without filling in the customs declaration.

4. Goods’ (services’) deliveries within the free zones on the rest of customs territory of the Republic of Moldova are treated as exports, whilst goods’ (services’) delivery from the free zone on the rest of the Republic of Moldova’s customs territory are treated as imports and are regulated according to the legislation.

5. The goods (services) that are still within the free zone before quitting its territory are treated under a free travel regime and are transmitted from one resident to another without filling in a customs declaration.

6. Goods and services delivered for the import and export exempted of VAT taxation.

7. Exemption from customs duties on imports and exports 

Economic Advantages

FEZ "Ungheni-Business" Residents have the following advantages in comparison with other economic agents in the Republic of Moldova:

  Income tax exemption for manufacturers with 50% and 25% for other types of activities
  VAT tax 0%;
Possibility of renting space for a period of 42 years;
Residents who invest in FEZ at least 1 mil. USD are exempted from paying the tax on the income   from the export of goods (services), for  a period of 3 years;

Residents who invest in FEZ at least 5 mil. USD are exempted from paying the tax on the income from the export of goods (services), for  a period of 5 years
For investments in FEZ at least 200 mil USD State guarantees for a period of 20 years

Possibility of renting free land
Possibility of assembling finished products, through the collection of necessary semi-finished materials from around the globe;
Possibility of employing a qualified work force;
Possibility of transferring capital and profits abroad;

Access to railways, both European and Russian tracks;

In the administrative offices at FEZ "Ungheni-Business", the following services and departments:
Customs services
Security Guard services
Insurance services
Environmental-Sanitation services
Customs broker

Geographic Advantages

The favorable geographic location of the economic zone, having a common border with Romania, are attractive points for potential investors on both sides of the Prut River, especially those FEZ residents who have activities in Iasi, Romania.

Starting business activities at FEZ "Ungheni-Business" necessitates minimal spending considering the potential value of several existent companies/buildings in different branches, that already have the necessary capacity of production and assured space with electricity, telephone communication, water, gas, heating systems, storage areas, cold storage, and access to the railways. These subdivisions have close economic relations with the majority of CIS countries, especially the Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus, as well as Romania, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, Albania, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro.

The Town of Ungheni has a large qualified, skilled workforce. Therefore, the residents of FEZ will not be lacking in engineers, technicians, mechanics, construction workers, locksmiths, mechanical operators, confectioners, and ceramic workers with both high professional status and personal experience.

The existing production potential and prospects for consolidation of these advantages with the help of foreign investment, the available infrastructure and possibilities for future infrastructure development, added to the favorable geographic location are all fundamental for the creation and efficient functioning of the FEZ "Ungheni-Business".